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Feedback From Recent Meetings

“Molly was a 10-min gift. She was so positive and was clearly keen to jump into my manuscript, but she paused and took the time to ask me what my journey with the MS has been, where I think I am with the project and what I would like to glean from our meeting. She considered my manuscript with a keen, insightful editorial eye. It was so helpful to have that “editor’s hat” perspective. She was so concise, we even had time to briefly talk queries. I will meet with her again without hesitation.”

–Mary Jo Wagner

“Hi Jessica and Julie!

The meeting went fantastic. Danielle gave wonderful advice and I felt like she truly cared about the time we spent together. Her recommendations were relevant and highly personalized. Definitely happy with the meeting!

Thank you for your work in setting all this up. I am happy I found out about the Academy!

All the best,

“My phone review with Andrea Somberg helped me polish my query and move it to the next level. Andrea came to our discussion with thoughtful insights, as well as with a much-appreciated positive enthusiasm! She analyzed my choice of comps explaining how even movie or TV comps can help agents and publishers know where to place books in the market. Her suggestions on refining my hook and the best strategy for pitching my book, based on her in-depth understanding of the current publishing market, were pure gold!”

–Diana Schaffter

“Superb experience.

Alyssa was knowledgeable, professional and invaluable in sharing guidance with me on publishing, my body of work and strategy for future publication.

I hope to work with her again in the near future.”

–Brad Cameron

More Feedback From Last Month

“Molly was incredibly helpful and sweet. If you’re looking for feedback that will get your manuscript to stick out above the rest, then I definitely recommend signing up for one of these critique sessions. I came away from the phone call with a couple of really insightful tips, and I look forward to seeing how my manuscript does in the year.”

— Jen Myers

“Maureen was fabulous to talk to! Very upbeat, informative and encouraging. A true professional who invested significant time and energy to discuss my project.”

–Lee Geiger

“John critiqued my opening pages, and I was so impressed, I decided to hire him to critique my query. His feedback, along with the feedback I received from other Manuscript Academy faculty, was so insightful. I’m so pleased to see it all coming together now in a much stronger query that more clearly conveys the heart of my book. Thank you so much, John! And thank you, Manuscript Academy, for having such an incredible faculty!”

–K.M. Ellis

“Alyssa provided great advice. At first I was a little leery since she seemed to focus on a different genre than I was working in. But she demonstrated a great overall understanding of the publishing process. She discussed the positive aspects of my query and showed me areas that could be improved. She also went out of her way to give me a recommendation of a book that could be helpful as a way to look at one of the issues I had brought up as a subplot. I highly recommend her as a faculty member!”

–Maureen Hayes

“Kelly was clear, concise, and made steps to ensure my every question was answered. I also appreciated how encouraging she was. I walked away from our conversation feeling motivated and confident in my revision plan. Thank you, Kelly!”

–Morgan Watchorn

“Outstanding. Caitlin was warm, encouraging and most importantly – really got to the heart of what I needed to do to my manuscript to ensure it has its best chance when it goes on submission. She was concise and thoughtful. Her prepared notes were insightful and useful, and her answers to my questions were equally professional and practical. Before I drown in adverbs, I’ll just finally say that it was worth every penny and I am eternally grateful to Caitlin for her input. Highly recommended!”


“Annie was awesome to speak with. She was really direct and on point which I appreciated while being super personable.”

–Sara Burnett

“John’s comments on my query were spot-on! He gave detailed feedback and answered all my questions, all within our allotted time. Ten minutes goes *really* fast, but it was excellent! Highly recommend.”

–Valerie Pepper

“My meeting with Melissa [Warten] was fabulous! She gave me solid feedback on my picture book manuscript and specifics on how to improve it (with great examples). I LOVE working with her!”

–Elisabeth Aikins

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