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Our 40+ experts are at top agencies and publishing houses, and chosen for their kindness, brilliance, and ability to come up with feedback on the spot.

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  • A ten-minute meeting, with one page (your query or first page) read during the meeting, $49
  • A fifteen-minute meeting, with ten pages and your query read ahead of time, $99
  • An in-depth written critique (line and overall notes), query, synopsis, proposal, first 10-100 pages, $69+. Written critiques are returned to you by email–you don’t need to do anything but keep yourself from hitting refresh.

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Meetings are face-to-face, from home, from anywhere in the world. Feeling too introverted? Too busy? You can also choose to book a phone meeting, or have your work edited and returned to you via email.

You do not need to become a member to book a meeting or written critique.  View the store for details about a la carte options.

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