Vivian Lee, Award-Winning Author and Editor

Vivian Lee, Author and Editor

Vivian Lee is a writer and book editor.  Her book list includes Matthew Salesses’ The Hundred-Year Flood, Viet Dinh’s After Disasters(PEN/Faulkner Finalist), Naima Coster’s Halsey Street (Kirkus Prize Finalist), and Harold Schechter’s Hell’s Princess (A Washington Post Bestseller). She specializes in literary fiction and narrative nonfiction, including true crime, memoir, essays, and long-form reporting. In both fiction and nonfiction, she is interested in a strong story or narrative usually dealing with identity or relationships of any kind (family, personal versus body/nature/man. She is a 2018 PW Rising Star Honoree.

Her writing can be found at The Los Angeles Times, Eater,, Catapult, and more.

She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a BA in Literary Journalism and from the New School University in New York with a MFA in Creative Writing (Non-Fiction). Originally from Los Angeles, she now resides in Queens.

Read more here:  The Rumpus | Kirkus Reviews.

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