Ten Minutes with an Expert Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for coming to us with your questions! We know this is new and different and want to make this as clear and easy for you as possible. If you still have more questions, you can always drop us a line! We’re friendly and highly caffeinated, so you’ll likely get a response quickly.

We’ve hand-selected agents and editors from top agencies and houses – both for their brilliance and kindness. You don’t have to worry about them being mean to you during the meeting–they’ll be constructive and kind. You’ll be able to see their bios once you join (for free!) the Ten Minutes With An Expert group. You’ll be able to browse their bios before you book.

And yes, you can choose the agent or editor who feels right to you! You just need to do so before their appointments sell out.

Scroll down a little, select your time zone from the drop-down menu, and click on the blue Set Time Zone button. Click on the bolded date on the calendar, then select a time and click Continue. A form will pop up for you to enter your information. This is also where you’ll paste in your query or first page. Click Pay Now or Redeem Coupon, enter your payment information or coupon, and you’re set!

We strongly recommend that you listen for feedback on your query or first page–that way, you’ll have something to take with you as you continue to send out your work. Please trust that agents and editors are completely capable of requesting if they think you’re a good fit. So please don’t feel that you have to prepare a 10-minute pitch that you’ll simply deliver while they listen.

Instead, come up with a quick answer to “So what is this book about?” and have questions prepared as well. What can you do better? Do they have a comparative title in mind? What are your best next steps?

You can! Just select phone from the drop-down menu on the booking form and enter your phone number in the box below. We’ve designed this to be as introvert-friendly as possible.

Up to one page, double-spaced, twelve point font. If you send more than that, your agent or editor will go over the first page.

For ten-minute meetings, you can send a revision right up until four hours before your meeting. To do that, use our revision system, manuscriptacademy.com/send-revision/. For fifteen minute meetings, because your faculty member will need to read pages well ahead of your meeting time, we do not allow revisions.

The notes are verbal only, but if you’re very concerned about taking down notes fast enough, you could set your phone to record the conversation as a voice memo–just ask permission first! Agents and editors read your page and give suggestions during the meeting, so you can see their authentic reactions and give you suggestions.

Keep in mind that most queries in the inbox get far less than that. If you’d like a demonstration of how much you can cover in ten minutes, check out our podcast episode #006: How To Spend Ten Minutes With An Agent. We have a very full conversation in well under ten minutes.

Members are able to book ten-minute meetings for the member price ($39), plus critiques (query, first ten, first fifty, first hundred, synopsis, proposal) in the members’ booking system. Members also, depending on plan, have access to our library of classes.

These lower prices are available within the members’ booking system, but not in the Ten Minutes With An Expert booking system. You will have access to the members’ booking system for 15 days (if you book an a la carte class, $49) or 30 days (with the full library). You may book appointments at any point in the future–it’s just the access to the booking system that is limited.

You become a member by purchasing an a la carte class or a pass to the full library.  Yes, we know! We do want you to learn while you’re here. And eat your broccoli.

You can book any remaining appointments up until the morning of the event (minimum four hours before each appointment). That said, we expect to sell out, so if you have your heart set on one person, you should probably book now.

You can cancel ten-minute meetings up to 72 hours before your meeting. After that, because you’ve reserved a space other authors may have wanted, we have disabled the cancellation feature. Because the longer meetings (with the ten-page read) require advance prep, we do not allow cancellations, because your faculty member has already begun working. If you know you’re going to cancel, please do so as soon as possible to free up the space for other authors. You’ll see the refund on your statement within 5-7 business days. If it doesn’t appear, write to us and we’ll make sure it went through.

It does not. Agents and editors will only request if they are genuinely interested in seeing more of your work.

But we wholeheartedly believe that, if you spend your time receiving notes and really listening to the feedback, you’ll significantly improve your chances going forward.

Yes. If you’re in a tough spot but really want to do this, please apply for a scholarship! Tell us about what’s going on in your life. We approve on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind that we still need to pay our faculty and are working toward offering a yearly scholarship to bring an intern to NYC who could never otherwise afford to work in publishing, so we do have to be fairly strict. But if your heart is telling you to ask–ask.

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