Rebecca Raskin, Editor at HarperCollins

Rebecca Raskin, Editor at HarperCollins

I am an editor at HarperCollins with experience working in both nonfiction and fiction, including romance, mystery, commercial fiction, wellness, business and politics. I have a BA in English Literature and Language from Smith College and a Copyediting Certificate from the UC San Diego Extension.

I started my publishing career as an intern at Folio Literary Management where I worked primarily with women’s fiction, romance and select nonfiction. I became an agent’s assistant and then moved to Kensington Publishing Corp. As an editorial assistant at Kensington, I worked on women’s fiction, romance, mysteries, and thrillers for two years. I then moved over to work on nonfiction. I now work primarily on nonfiction on a daily basis but I have continued freelance editing romance and women’s fiction. I love working with authors to hone their voice and their story. It is so much fun to get to read all day and help writers bring their projects to life.

Meet With Rebecca

Meet face-to-face, from home. Choose Skype, Google Hangouts, or phone, and speak for the appointed time about your query, first page, and/or first ten pages (for longer meetings). Does not include written notes, but is a chance to have an honest discussion about your work, and to ask follow-up questions. International meetings welcomed.

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