Emotional Range, Sensory Details, And Pitching Works On Difficult Topics

The Manuscript Academy Podcast

With Author Pam O’Hara

Content Warning: This podcast discusses suicide, grief, and loss.

Pam O’Hara’s beautiful writing captivated our expert audience during a recent Manuscript Academy panel, so much so that it was picked for our 2024 MSWL Agent Choice Awards.

Pam joins Jessica and Julie to speak about her stunning memoir about love, loss, and losing a loved one by suicide. We discuss everything from platform, to crafting your voice, to how to position a serious and sad topic for your audience, and more. Agents and editors, this one is in need of representation, if you’re listening and like what you hear. We know we did.

Learn more about Pam here: pamelaohara.com


Featured On the Show:

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