Family Memoirs, Narrative Nonfiction, and Getting A 93% Request Rate

The Manuscript Academy Podcast

With Authors Maria C. Palmer & Ruthie Robbins, and

Their Agent Leticia Gomez, Savvy Literary

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Welcome to an episode with the sweetest co-writing backstory we’ve ever heard—plus insight from their agent, Leticia Gomez, about what made this book work for her. 

On the Rocks, a narrative nonfiction book written by Maria Costanzo Palmer and Ruthie Robbins, chronicles the journey of personality Joseph Costanzo, Jr. in his rise to success in the 1990’s as world renowned restaurateur and owner of The Primadonna Restaurant, radio host, columnist, and aspiring politician through his sharp fall ending in an investigation and a stint in federal prison in the early 2000’s. Voted one of America’s top restaurateurs by The International Restaurant and Hospitality Rating Bureau, Costanzo is arguably the greatest restaurateur of his generation. Through his marketing genius and innovation, he took a neighborhood restaurant in a tough steel town in McKees Rocks, PA and turned it into a nationally recognized eatery featured in Playboy Magazine and The New York Daily News.

We discuss how Leticia knew this would work for her, how Maria managed to get a 93% request rate, and building a strong platform from scratch. 

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