#TenQueries with Agent John Cusick, VP of Folio Literary Management

The Manuscript Academy Podcast

With Agent John Cusick

We asked agent John Cusick at Folio Literary to narrate his inbox, #TenQueries style.

Just like #TenQueries on Twitter, he described what he was seeing–but you can hear in his voice when he gets surprising mistakes (and great queries!).

If you’ve ever wondered if agents are making up the stories of what’s in their inbox (hint: if anything, they don’t talk about the strangest things they receive), this is the episode series for you!

While we had him, we asked about his experiences with live pitches–and the awkward and wonderful moments he’s had during these meetings. What works for him? What can you do to improve your interactions with agents? Listen in!

Would you like John to go over your query? Head to https://manuscriptacademy.com/john-cusick

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