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Episode 83: Marathon, Not A Sprint: How Author Molly McAffrey Signed With Agent John Cusick

In this uplifting, inspiring episode, we talk about how Molly McCaffery received more than 100 rejections, shelved more than three books–-and then landed top agent John Cusick.

We talk about her journey, how she learned to successfully pivot, and the querying tips you can only learn after sending out that much work and spending that much time in the query trenches.

We also talk about how to put your reader first (one of the top things John looks in a client), what Molly thinks about MFA’s versus conferences, and perhaps the best advice of all: Find your community, and win this as a marathon, not a sprint.

You can find Molly at and @mollymccaffery.

You can find John at and @johnmcusick.


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