Episode 72: The First Three Chapters with Editor-turned-Agent Hannah VanVels

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Episode 72 with Editor-to-Agent Hannah VanVels


We talk with editor-turned-agent Hannah VanVels about how to keep an agent reading, what to put in your first three chapters, and why publishing takes so long (and sometimes even the pieces we’re *most excited about* have to wait).

Plus, we discuss her current wishlist, unusual rom com mash-ups, and the different tactics used by editors vs. agents when reading submissions.

We also talk about nudging authors (can we have your manuscript, say, now?), the border between editing and over-editing (something Hannah is passionate about) and reading in odd places (and risking minor injury) to get it done sooner.

This mini-episode is short, fun, and safe to listen to around kids.

You can find Hannah on Twitter @hannahvanvels or Instagram @hannahvanvels.

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