Episode 51: Structure, Characters + Narrative Beats with agent Hannah Fergesen

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Episode 51 with Agent Hannah Fergesen


Hannah Fergesen of KT Literary joins us to talk about how she moved from film to publishing (and what makes the two industries different and the same), how R&Rs can turn to offers (and vice versa), and why just because we like a project doesn’t mean we can take it on.

Naturally, we talk about Buffy (it was inevitable), Hannah’s fascination with darker works, and why sometimes younger editors take on riskier projects.

We also talk about structure—how to make sure that your characters motivate action, why this can be so difficult, and how to make sure your character is active—so your story maintains tension, so readers (and agents!) keep turning pages.

Hannah’s class, Structure, Characters + Narrative Beats, is now available. Join here: manuscriptacademy.com/structure

You can find Hannah’s podcast, Good Witches, Bad Bitches, here: www.patreon.com/gwbbpodcast

And find Hannah on Twitter here: twitter.com/hannahfergesen

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