Episode 90: How To Write Children's Books That Surprise and Delight

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Episode 90 with Agent Fiona Kenshole

We are so pleased to welcome Fiona Kenshole, senior agent at Transatlantic Agency, to discuss all things children’s books. If you’re writing picture books, early readers, chapter books or middle grade, this episode is for you.

We talk about how children’s publishing is different from adult publishing, the elements each age group needs, building tension, creating voice, and writing about power and autonomy as seen from a child’s perspective.

We also talk about image notes (and why they’re so controversial—plus a great story from Fiona on this), how even NYT bestselling authors do extensive edits, and Fiona’s upcoming class on July 28.

Fiona’s class, How To Write Children’s Books That Surprise and Delight, is now available as an on-demand replay. You can learn more here: https://manuscriptacademy.com/fiona


10:15: How children’s publishing is different from adult publishing (also clip)
12:20: How to keep a child’s perspective in mind while writing
13:53: Specific for each children’s age groups
18:26 How to be funny
19:56: Voice in middle grade
25:20: Power dynamics in children’s books
27:16 Building tension in middle grade
36:55: Illustration notes, and why they’re so controversial
40:16: Fiona’s class on July 28

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