Episode 92: Brontë’s Mistress with Author-Agent Team Finola Austin and Danielle Egan-Miller

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Author-Agent Team Finola Austin and Danielle Egan-Miller

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We’re so pleased to welcome our first-ever historical fiction writer to the Manuscript Academy Podcast. Finola Austin is the author of Brontë’s Mistress, a story that Hazel Gaynor, New York Times bestselling author of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter, calls “A beautifully written, highly seductive debut…The chemistry between Branwell and Lydia positively crackles on the page.”

Joining Finola is her agent Danielle Egan-Miller, president of Brown & Miller Literary Associates.  A mighty team, they will chat about the unusual circumstances behind “The Call,” Finola’s massive attention to detail, tips on submission, and more.

We’ll discuss how books can create a sense of companionship and shared humanity to keep readers turning the page—how to edit the saggy middle—and what Danielle would love to see in her inbox.

Danielle will also discuss the ripple of love that Finola’s work evoked in her workplace, and how this creative group championed this fascinating work.

You can find Brontë’s Mistress (out August 4) here: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/brontes-mistress-finola-austin/1134079989?ean=9781982137236

You can find Danielle here: https://www.browneandmiller.com/team/danielle-egan-miller/

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