Our 100th Podcast Extravaganza: Live Agent Panel + Q&A

The Manuscript Academy Podcast

Episode 100 (!!) with Literary Agents Fiona Kenshole, Kayla Lightner, Saba Sulaiman, and Book-To-Film Producer Marilyn Atlas

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We are so excited to share our 100th podcast episode! This was our very first Zoom event, our first live podcast recording with Zoom guests, and we were thrilled to welcome more than 100 of you.

We asked writers to nominate friends for feedback from our panel, and then asked our panelists to each choose a nominee-nominator pair.

It was wonderful to see so many of you in one place, to watch your faces react to the pages and panel, and feel the writerly support in the (Zoom) room.

Our panelists are:

Kayla Lightner, Ayesha Pande Literary

Saba Sulaiman, Talcott-Notch Literary

Fiona Kenshole, Transatlantic Agency

Marilyn Atlas, Book-To-Film Agent

5:43: Panelist introductions and what they’d love to find in their inboxes

20:59: Kayla Lightner’s pick: Memoir, with panel focus on imagery, beautiful language, and a Christmas Eve rejection (and what it means)

35:44: Saba Sulaiman’s pick: Picture book, with panel emphasis on comp titles, how to use image notes, when to reveal that an author is writing about their own experience.

57:03: Marilyn Atlas’s pick: Women’s fiction, with panel emphasis on how to pitch a work by focusing on the main character (versus her boyfriend), share (or not share) that there’s a spiritual element, and when you know you’ve had a large enough querying sample size.

1:11:46: Fiona Kenshole’s pick: YA fantasy, with panel emphasis on choosing an age group (MG versus YA), balancing humor and fantasy elements, and what to do about prologues (and a trick about how to avoid the question and make it work).

1:37:03: If you’re getting form rejections, how do you know if it’s the query letter or first page that’s a problem?

1:39:15: What’s the best query letter format?

1:40:10: What protagonist ages are appropriate for Middle Grade vs. YA?

Featured On the Show:

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