From 150 Rejections To Book Deal: Hopeful News of Good Things Happening To Good People

The Manuscript Academy Podcast

With Author Ambika Vora and Agent Jon Cobb

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We are so excited to share this hopeful, uplifting story that’s the perfect example of good things happening for good people. Ambika had sent out more than 150 queries–getting mostly form rejections and ghosts–when she learned how to pivot, met her agent–and now has a deal with a major publishing house.

Ambika Vora was born in Mumbai, India, but has lived in several cities – including Dallas, London, and Tokyo. After receiving her Bachelor’s from Princeton University and her Master’s from the University of Cambridge, she moved to Tokyo, where she currently lives with her husband, and spitz dog, Fëanor. Outside of writing, she works for a multinational pharmaceutical company, where her focus lies in digital transformation, culture and change management. You can find her on Instagram at

Jon Cobb is a junior agent at Hannigan Getzler Literary. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and later completed a Master’s degree in Publishing: Digital and Print Media at NYU. After gaining experience at Writers House and NYU Press, he joined HG Literary to assist partner and agent Josh Getzler on a wide variety of titles in fiction and nonfiction. Jon reads all genres of fiction but has a particular interest in contemporary middle grade and YA, science fiction and fantasy, African-American fiction, literary fiction, and mysteries and thrillers. He also has a soft spot for anything related to track and field, geek culture, weird science or cutting-edge technology.

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