Esther Cajahuaringa, Editor at Union Square Publishing

Esther Cajahuaringa, Editor at Union Square Kids

Esther Cajahuaringa (KA-HA-WAH-RING-A) is a senior editor at Union Square Kids. As a former educator and non-profit organizer, Esther draws upon her experiences working directly with kids when thinking about today’s readers. She has had the pleasure of working with creators such as Joe Cepeda (SEH-PAY-DUH), Deborah Underwood, Jyoti Rajan Gopal (JOE-TEE / RAH-JOHN / GO-PALL), Supriya Kelkar (SUE-PREE-YUH), Andrea Tsurumi (SUE-ROOM-EE), Marc Brown, and Mo Willems to name a few. She’s avidly seeking picture books and graphic novels. She has a master’s degree in Curriculum & Teaching with an emphasis in literacy from Teachers College, Columbia University. Esther is a daughter of immigrant parents and truly believes in the power of storytelling, because it changed her world.

Meet With Esther

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