Such a great investment. Really, writers you need to check out @MSWLMA!
    The workshop was great! Saba spent lots of time with each of our pages. I loved that the workshop was just a small group. It was cozy! The Manuscript Academy is such a wonderful concept. You guys are truly doing a fantastic thing here. I’ve learned more in the last month since joining than I have the last three years of networking. Thanks so much:)
    Just finished a super awesome and super helpful Manuscript Academy query workshop. Thanks so much!
    The workshop was wonderful. Honest but kind and constructive in her feedback. I got some great advice specific to my page and learned a lot from listening to an agent talk through her evaluation of a page. (This was the first time I've spoken to an agent face to face and heard her talk through a page.) It was also helpful to interact with the other authors. I got contacts for two potential critique partners and I did it in my pajamas from Brazil! So thanks again for organizing so many great events. I hope it happens again next year.
    Think I just heard the best fog-burning, kinetically-explanatory overview on VOICE ever, thanks to @LZats and @MSWLMA
  • Katrina Ball, @katrinalball
    My Ten Minute Meeting with Linda was extremely helpful! She was very insightful and her feedback has given me a lot to consider when it comes to my writing. I had always wondered 'what am I doing wrong' when I would receive yet another rejection, and my Ten Minute Call with Linda finally provided me with much needed answers. Thank you very much for offering this opportunity!
    Katrina Ball, @katrinalball
  • Catherine Masek, @CatherineMasek
    Amanda Shih was lovely to talk to and so generous with her time and professional insight. Everyone I've been meeting has been great and encouraging. The manuscript academy is a wonderful group of people.
    Catherine Masek, @CatherineMasek
  • Irina, @Ira_Hall
    I rarely take the time to provide feedback on things, but definitely wanted to respond to this. Simply put, the critique was amazing!! I've been writing for a while and have received critiques on other drafts I've worked on in the past, so I'm very familiar with both the process and the type of feedback to expect. For example, I've done several query and opening pages workshops with agents. I have to honestly say that Linda's critique was by far the best critique I've ever received from an agent. Lindas's critique struck the perfect balance of providing positive feedback together with constructive criticism, which motivated me to continue working on and improving my manuscript without feeling discouraged. Very often, the feedback I'd get from agents would be very broad and generic (something like "make sure the pacing doesn't lag"), which could be equally applicable to half of all the manuscripts, but it was never precise or thought out enough to give me specific direction on how to make my particular manuscript better. Linda's critique was the opposite - it was detailed, thought out, and clearly tailored to the specific issues in my query/manuscript. While there's still plenty of work for me to do on this manuscript, the critique helped provide me with a clear sense of direction and made me feel enthusiastic about continuing to work on this project. I already emailed Linda to thank her and to let her know I will be signing up for a critique of additional ten pages with her through the Manuscript Academy soon! I only wish that bigger critiques (fifty page or full manuscript) were available! :) Thank you so much for providing such amazing opportunities to writers, all your hard work at the Manuscript Academy is definitely very much appreciated! :)
    Irina, @Ira_Hall
  • Erin Broich, @PQBroich
    My ten minute meeting with Kat went very well! This was the first time I'd ever done a live pitch, and Kat was incredibly friendly and professional, which helped my nerves immensely. She gave me some really great advice that has given me a lot of new ideas about how to best present my manuscript to agents and editors, and I've already begun making adjustments to my query letters and synopsis. At the end of the meeting, she requested the first three chapters and a synopsis of my manuscript, which I'll be sending to her today yet. Overall, it was a really valuable experience, and I feel I'm in a much more confident place moving forward as I continue to seek out a home for my novel.
    Erin Broich, @PQBroich