• Anuradha Rajurkar, @ADRajurkar1
    My phone meeting with John Cusick was wonderful. He was so encouraging, positive, and down to earth, which put me at ease right away. He first asked some general questions about my work (was this my first/tenth manuscript, have I sent this piece to agents before, etc). He then discussed the positives in my first ten pages, along with specifics on how I might improve them (an extra scene following the opening that would give a broader view of the character's life, more setting description on the first page, etc). His suggestions reflected great insight and immediately improved my pages when I utilized them. He touched upon my query letter, and then we even had time to discuss some deeper themes within my story, and how to best pitch with them in mind. It was an incredibly productive 15 minutes! How awesome to have an in-depth conversation with a professional I felt I could trust regarding "my baby." :) Thanks, Manuscript Academy, for making available this great opportunity.
    Anuradha Rajurkar, @ADRajurkar1
  • Lauren Grace, @LaurenGraceBFYR
    My 15 minute consult with Ellen Cormier was extremely helpful. She was prepared and thoughtful and I thoroughly enjoyed discussing my picture book manuscript and all things publishing with her. I hope to meet her in person at a workshop or conference some day. All good 👍🏻 . This was my second phone chat involving Manuscript Academy - I’ve had one with an agent and one with an editor and both were worth it.
    Lauren Grace, @LaurenGraceBFYR
  • Vincent Genna, @vgbelieve, vincentgenna.com
    Andrea was wonderful! She commented on my writing ability, as well as the likability of my book. She also gave me great pointers as to how to find an agent most suited for my work and specific genre. She also gave constructive input to help improve the readability of my book. She was warm, considerate, and cared about my writing and what my book meant to me. I can highly recommend Andrea if you would like a true assessment of where you stand with your book!
    Vincent Genna, @vgbelieve, vincentgenna.com
  • Rachel H., @RA_TheCampbell
    Kiana Nguyen knows her stuff! I'm delighted that I chose her to critique my first 10 pages. She gave some great advice on what agents are looking for and what I can do to make my first chapter stand out. I was a little nervous at first, but she was so fun and laid back (but still professional!) that I felt like I was getting advice from an old friend. She's super sweet and went above and beyond to make sure I understood everything she pointed out. She was also able to answer all my questions. Now I feel better equipped to edit not only my first chapter, but my entire manuscript to follow suit. It was definitely worth it!
    Rachel H., @RA_TheCampbell
  • Mary Jolley, @marybjolley, marybjolley.com
    Great experience. John had read my pages and given them thought. His advice was spot on and he saw things I needed to fix that I hadn't seen myself. He was kind and pleasant to talk to.
    Mary Jolley, @marybjolley, marybjolley.com
  • Matt Leyshon, @mleyshonauth
    I was looking forward to my discussion with Jessica and I was not disappointed. She pointed out some very important things I need to include or highlight in my query as well as elements I needed to deemphasize. We also discussed some general topics in regards to promoting my work which was also very effective. Jessica is always extremely helpful to authors, be it through this forum or others. Our consultation session was simply further validation that she wants to help authors and ensure they are doing their hard work justice. I would thoroughly recommend a Consultation Session with Jessica. I'm sure anybody who has worked with her would feel the same.
    Matt Leyshon, @mleyshonauth
  • Terri Drobnick, @TEEsox, teesox.com
    Stephanie Stein was extremely helpful in narrowing down what I needed to tweak in my manuscript. Her suggestions were clear and to the point. Ten minutes seems like such a brief amount of time, but it's amazing what we covered. I highly recommend these sessions!
    Terri Drobnick, @TEEsox, teesox.com
  • Kim Rogers, @kimrogerswriter
    I am so impressed with the Manuscript Academy and Jessica Sinsheimer. She went above and beyond with great feedback and input to help improve my manuscript. She really cares about writers. This is some of the best money I've spent for my writing! Thank you for your expertise and kindness, Jessica!
    Kim Rogers, @kimrogerswriter
  • Deborah Maroulis, @yaddathree, deborahmaroulis.com
    John is super helpful and easy to talk to. He sets the meeting expectations at the beginning of the call and then proceeds through the agenda seamlessly. He went above and beyond answering all my questions and made me feel at ease, more like I was talking to a fellow writer in the trenches than an agent. Highly recommended!
    Deborah Maroulis, @yaddathree, deborahmaroulis.com
  • Susan Burdorf, @sburdorf, www.susanburdorfwrites.com
    My session with Ms. Edwards was a delight from start to finish. She was professional and funny, helpful and knowledgeable, generous and friendly. I would hang out with her again anytime! Thank you MSWL for making this session possible.
    Susan Burdorf, @sburdorf, www.susanburdorfwrites.com
  • Jill Nadler, @rileyroam, www.PageTurnerAdventures.com
    I had a great meeting with John Cusick. He was a pleasure to work with, and answered all of my questions (most before I even asked). Talking to an agent can be nerve wracking, but he put me at ease right away. Mr. Cusick is very knowledgeable about the kidlit world and his feedback and suggestions were incredibly helpful. I feel much more confident about sending out my query out into the world. I'm thrilled that Manuscript Academy offers these amazing opportunities to connect with professionals in the industry. I'm telling all of my writing friends about you guys! Thank you.
    Jill Nadler, @rileyroam, www.PageTurnerAdventures.com
  • Kathleen Blasi, @kmblasi, kmblasi.com
    For a while now, I'd considered signing up for a Manuscript Academy session, and I'm so glad I finally did! Danielle's feedback was both helpful and inspiring. Her positive take on the piece made me want to dig right in and revise. Her suggestions were spot-on, and I know they will help make my story better.
    Kathleen Blasi, @kmblasi, kmblasi.com
  • Lisa Collins
    My 10 pages + 15 minutes with Kimberley Atkins was the best investment. Her insights into my genre (women's fiction) and my writing were just the encouragement I needed. So generous and kind - like talking to an old friend!
    Lisa Collins
  • Nia Davenport, @Nia_Davenport
    Just finished a super awesome and super helpful Manuscript Academy query workshop. Thanks so much!
    Nia Davenport, @Nia_Davenport
  • Brian Yahn, @onlyrealcuzzo
    In short, my conversation with Samantha was super valuable. Before the meeting, she had read my query and made some notes. From my understanding, this goes beyond what's expected, and I'm really glad she did it. Not only did she give me honest feedback for each line individually, but she also asked me some questions so we could figure out how I could solve some problems she identified. I had spent an embarrassing amount of time researching how to write a query letter, reading queries that worked, reading ones that didn't (every one on the queryshark), and honestly my 10 minute conversation with Samantha was more helpful than all that put together. It's definitely the best $50 I've spent this year. If you're iffy about your query letter, I highly recommend.
    Brian Yahn, @onlyrealcuzzo
  • Maggie Light, @MaggieLight79
    I was skeptical at first. Ten minutes? But this session was worth every penny. First off, Danielle speaks fast, so she was able to cram in several points and still ask me questions to get a better sense of my work. Second, the feedback wasn't pro forma. She'd read and thought about my query specifically. Pointed, thoughtful feedback from an agent; aka pure gold. I've since revised my query and it feels so much closer to the heart of my story.
    Maggie Light, @MaggieLight79

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