• Megan Spann, @mtharrte
    After I got over the jitters and need to be sick, I had a great conversation with Andrea Somberg! We had time to go over my query letter (I wish I had booked two sessions so she could go over the opening pages). I also had time to get some industry questions answered. Money well spent! THIS is what authors need, that dedicated one on one feedback.
    Megan Spann, @mtharrte
  • Nick Naeem Noorani, @nicknoorani
    Ok, now that I have finished my happy dance, here is some advice: 1. Have a list of questions ready. Mine were about Title, genre, # of agents to query. 2. I recorded the talk (Sorry...I should have asked for permission. Please do so!) and am listening and making notes 3. Ask for the sale! "So, is this something you'd be interested in?" 5. Be mindful of time...absolutely awesome...cheerful and friendly and very very helpful! Thank you Julie True Kingsley and Jessica Sinsheimer!! Best $50 I ever spent!!!
    Nick Naeem Noorani, @nicknoorani