Mini Conference: Three Day Keep An Agent Reading Workshop


How in the world do you keep an agent reading in 2024?

It’s the most crowded media landscape on record, average response times are anywhere from “It took forever” to “I never heard back”–and advice is all over the place in terms of what you need to do to succeed.

Enter Dr. Emmy Nordstrom Higdon, literary agent and expert on making the complicated submissions process simple–and putting the rules in context. WHY each technique works is just as interesting as the fact that it does–and we’ll explore how to appeal to readers (and agents!) not just in your pitch, but throughout your entire manuscript, so they can’t stop thinking about your work.

In our three days together, you’ll learn how to use interestemphasis and tension to turn your book into something that will stay in an agent’s mind well beyond the first Zoom, email, or doorbell interruption–and may keep them reading well past their subway stop.*

The event includes:
  • Class: Increasing Interest
  • Class: Strategic Emphasis
  • Class: Building Tension
  • Daily workshop exercises (three total, optional)
  • A Live Q&A with Emmy
  • A Live Queries & Pages Panel with Emmy
  • Recordings of all of the above, in case you miss them live
The event is May 28-30 2024. All materials will be available for 30 days (for ticket holders) and 60 days (for active members) for replay.

This event is open to all genres, age groups, and experience levels.

Please note that this is an event ticket only, and does not include access to our full library of classes, or early booking in the agent & editor consultation system. However, this workshop is included with Basic Membership, which comes with all of the above–and is the same priceScroll down to see options.

*This is a common thing agents will say–“I loved it so much I missed my stop!”–and, sometimes, how they tell their teams just how immersed they were in the story.

Yes! I understand everything can be done on my schedule for this workshop. I can send my work and questions, watch replays for the panels, and have thirty (30) days (for ticketholders) and 60 days (for active members) to view everything.(Required)
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