Penny Moore, Senior Agent at Aevitas Creative Management

Penny Moore, Senior Agent at Aevitas Creative Management

Penny Moore is a Senior Agent at Aevitas Creative Management who represents mainly children’s literature: chapter books, middle grade, and young adult novels. She also represents select adult titles in romance and fantasy (no sci fi). Though her tastes are broad, she’s specifically seeking inventive works featuring diverse voices with strong plot and character development.

Genres: Children’s, Fantasy, LGBTQ, Middle Grade, Romance, Young Adult

Moore graduated from the University of Georgia with a double degree in Linguistics and Japanese Language & Literature. During her time as an undergraduate, she also studied comparative literature at top universities in Japan and South Korea. Penny joined Aevitas in 2018, starting in the industry as an assistant/associate agent at FinePrint Literary Management in 2014, then joining Empire Literary as an agent two years later, where she built out the children’s portion of the agency’s list.

Meet With Penny

Meet face-to-face, from home. Choose from Zoom, Google Meet, or phone, and speak for the appointed time about your query, first page, and/or first ten pages (for longer meetings). Does not include written notes, but is a chance to have an honest discussion about your work, and to ask follow-up questions. International meetings welcomed.

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Receive insightful notes on your pages–direct to your email. No need to schedule a time to be at a computer, or even deal with technology–all you have to do is keep yourself from hitting refresh. Your critique will arrive within 24 hours of date selected on the calendar.

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